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Hot on the heels of the Best Selling Ebook - 'All Your Lists In One Place' - comes the definitive guide to Social Media advertising...

Sokule - It's Not Your Grandmothers Social Media Site!

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Jane Mark
Sokule Inc.

chineme.jpg (19222 bytes) This is a very comprehensive guide on the workings of Sokule and all of it's myriad applications (which may appear daunting at first glance as there are so many of them!).
This guide clearly and concisely explains every aspect of this ingenious site in layman's language that everyone can understand. I particularly liked the inclusion of contributions from actual users of the site and the testimonials of both newbies and seasoned marketers alike.

What is most unusual for a technical guide, is that is was actually a very good read! Congrats Jane and Phil for a job very well done.

Chineme Noke
kathy_youla.jpg (8212 bytes) The Sokule Guide puts everything about the site and the marketing tools into a clear easy to follow format. But it is more than that because it also involves the dedication of these two compelling mentors in Jane and Phil.
It reveals their compelling passion to motivate you and make you become a better marketer.

Sokule makes it easy to post too… one click - job done! But the Sokule guide will show you how to post effectively and make your posts more compelling so the likelihood of a sale is higher. It also shows how there are certain tasks you need to do on the Sokule site which contributes to your online presence so more of your posts will be read! They show you how you can become the expert.

The Sokule Guide reveals every advantage the marketing tools give you so that "you" and your opportunities are noticed! I have been a long time member but was one of the first to get the guide to see if I was missing anything!

Sokule has a back office crammed full of so many applications to give you more impact for your promotional needs but to a newbie this can be overwhelming so the Sokule guide is a godsend!

The best thing is that Sokule does not assume you are a marketing or a tech genius instead it show you how to become a social media expert. The Sokule Guide is a great help for everyone old and new members… didn’t we all start somewhere?

I am an upgraded Silver member and the difference in the way I am able to promote on Sokule now is that I know people are now compelled to look at my Sokule ads! Why? Because I have every tool, resource and two of the best online marketers /mentors now in print at my fingertips!

Kathy Youla
peter_watson.jpg (10647 bytes) I have been a founding member of SoKule since the early days in the latter half of last year (2009). I was somewhat less 'visible' then than I am now, and was not at all sure of how to use what, I fully believed, was going to be a powerful tool and presence online.
Undoubtedly, as you experiment and gather tips and advice from fellow Sokuleites, you gain in confidence and your ability to better use the resources on offer. This, however, took time. Time better served acheiving your own goals and aspirations online.

Then the Guide was released!

After even a quick perusal of this Guide, you will have the 'nuts & bolts' of using SoKule sorted! Further reading will only enhance your understanding and ability to utilise this most powerful of marketing tools!

Even I, as a long time member, found information I was unaware of and plan to put to use soon. Each time I read it I discover new things or think of new ways to do things!

Thanks Jane and Phil for this innovative step forward!

Peter Watson
If you are looking for the perfect business online, stop looking because it is Sokule! Sokule is the ultimate online marketer’s dream because it includes the most essential business and success components into one unique opportunity. Nothing on the internet comes even close. It incorporates...

1. Affiliates Marketing,
2. Automatization,
3. Leverage,
4. Traffic Generation and Listbuilding,
5. Comprehensive Advertising, including a multimedia opportunity to promote your own business, whatever it is.

All of these are rolled into one business arsenal that is dynamic because it grows with time: New applications are always added to it and new ventures are always popping up as Sokule evolves. New members are raving about Sokule because its effectiveness is only match by its simplicity.

Now with the release of Jane and Phil's definitive guide on Sokule. You have everything you need to make your dreams come true.

Do yourself a favor and grab your membership today. Your business will thank you because it will never be the same again!

Dr Tony S. Brown, IM&TGS,
Internet Marketing and Traffic Generation Specialist,
Hello, Jane

Thanks for putting the Sokule guide together. It makes it so easy to get the word out on whatever I want to promote. Congrats to you and your staff.

Herbert Brown

Thank you again for the exciting and amazing opportunities you have provided to our beginning internet business careers with Sokule and now this comprehensive guide.

Jeananne, David, Jiohan

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